Thursday, December 23, 2010

Stomach Bug Go AWAY!

5 minutes before the stomach bug hit!! Looking back at this picture he does look a little green but this was just him being a pistol getting pictures with his sister! 
 48 hours ago Wesley was a very sick boy with the stomach bug.  We were all ready to go to school, Wesley was dressed in his casual holiday outfit and preparing to sing his little heart out at his Preschool Christmas Program.  I had one more trip to the car to load everything in.  When I go inside to gather the children, Wesley is over the sink showing us what he ate for breakfast!! I was like a deer in headlights.  I couldn't believe my eyes. I couldn't move or think what to do next (this was NOT part of the agenda for our very busy day.)  Collins luckily was home and took charge.   I left with only one child in the car and no Christmas Program for Wesley this year. :(

I do hate it when my kids get sick but on a sweet note.  I love it that my little buddy loves his mommy so much and will fall asleep in my arms!  Melts my heart and I treasure those moments. 

Wesley was sick for 24 hours and is now back to his normal self.  Thank goodness. Luckily it has only effected 1 person in our house. Our prayer is that no one else gets sick and we have a healthy Christmas Holiday!

Hope everyone in your household stays healthy!!!

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