Thursday, December 9, 2010

December 4~ First Snow of the Season

Guess what?  North Carolina had snow in December!! It was the perfect snow.  Just enough to enjoy, with no mess!!

Lawson was super excited to go and play in the flakes.

See the white stuff??

Then there was enough to make some snow angels.  She is a snow bunny if I have ever seen one!!

Lawson was outside playing by herself.  (I was supervising from the warmth of the house) she was having a blast.  I love her smile!!
What a fun treat for Lawson!! 

Note: Wesley wasn't able to enjoy the snow because he was napping.


Elizabeth said...

Bummer that Wesley missed out. Owen played outside by himself for a while too.

Lauren said...

I cannot believe you had snow already. Maybe you will have the same kind of winter we did last year?