Monday, December 27, 2010


The snow started around midnight Christmas Day.  We didn't make it out Sunday but we finally made it out of the house on Monday.  It took us 30minutes to get ready but here we are!  Look, this year my big guy is not in a pink snow suit!  Ready for the great outdoors!

The kids throwing snowballs.  

The house in the snow.  So pretty!

We decided to go exploring down the street because I didn't feel at 34 weeks pregnant I should be sledding with the kids.  They were satisfied not sledding.

The kids enjoyed eating the snow. 

Me and my kids enjoying the snow!

They had so much fun!  What a treat to have snow right after Christmas.  The only thing that was missing was daddy.  He had to work all through-out the snow clean-up. 

I think this picture is so funny.  Notice the different length of this arms. His hand is not in his glove at all.  He walked around like that for a while.
After about an hour we got cold and we went inside!!

I don't think it was technically a white Christmas but it was close.  What a great way to remember Christmas 2010!!

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