Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What is Wes up too?

My baby has his first ear infection!! He started getting a cold last week and then Friday I kept him home hoping to nurse him back to health. Oh wait!! Crap, I quit nursing (except at night) so scratch that idea. I just gave him some good old TLC. We went to the doctors on Friday and they said it was a cold. Friday wasn't to bad, Saturday a little worse, Sunday night he was another child. He was up most of the night rubbing his left ear and just wanting to hang out with Mommy. I have never heard him cry so much!! So I knew then we had an ear infection. So Monday we were back at the doctors and sure enough he had an ear infection in his left ear (good communicating Wes).

This is little guy before our All-nighter.

Look at those eyes!! (and runny nose)

Never too sick for a photo session

We also have our second tooth coming in!!

Nothing like your child getting their first ear infection after YOU have decided YOU are done nursing. Can you say I FEEL GUILTY!! I am trying not to beat myself up too much but the timing is impeccable!

Wes is feeling much better now and will go back to school tomorrow. Mommy- well I am sleep deprived but still functioning (kinda).


Elizabeth said...

Poor Wes and his tired mommy! Don't beat yourself up...the timing is just a coinky-dink.
Great pictures of Mr. Wes.

Donna Wright said...

I hope he's feeling much better. You're right, those eyes of his are amazing! Get some rest...if you can! Love ya girl!